Friday, 15 February 2013

oh my english!

hello mellow all's. hehehe~
today, i would like to write in english for this entry. yeah! for what adila? FOR WHAT?
alahh, saje nak tukar angin.. eh, lupepu lak nak tulis dalam BI. eh, salah lagi. EHHHH! haiyoo~ FULLSTOP. hurmm, aiseyman, i dunno what i wanna write with this entry. my mind suddenly blank. BLANK? where i get this word? hahaha. :D

i know my english was so bad since am at school before. i had a blogspot site that am using fully english but it's personal site. shame lahh if you read all entries of the site with my fully TERRIBLE english kan? kahkah!
since am a kid, my dad sometimes ermm, ermm, menekankan in using english language. but not always lah. nanti orang cakap "MELAYU MUDAH LUPA" pulak kan? oh, salah lagi. SORRY!

i think i know why am not good in english, it's because i always want to make the best and perfect sentences so i got more and more and more word to write and makes my mind being disorded.
i ever fight with my mum in english, it's start when am using english language opposing her. most verse am using is "there's no people in this world are perfect" and she will reply with saying "i know there's no people in this world are perfect but you should bla bla bla bla ..." so i will lost for words that time :)
okey, that's my mum. proud of her although sometimes she always makes me cry with her decision for me that cannot be expected :')

okey, done for now. i dunno what i can share with you more for this post. sorry for my broken english. am really not good in it at all but i love this subject at school before. still learning to improve it. not using google translate so no wonder lah it's worst like this kan? mybe i should use it next time.. haha!

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